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Synching Server Time using NTP Protocol

We are constantly working on providing better DDOS Filtering and due to recent increase in DDOS Attacks based on exploiting the NTP Server vulnerability we are soon going to block the NTP Port (UDP Port 123) this will no longer allow you to sync your server times based on NTP Protocol from external servers however, we have setup a NTP Server locally on our own network to be used, that syncs with multiple outside sources.

You can reach our local NTP Server at, so if you are using NTP Protocol/service to sync your server time please kindly update your server configuration to start using

You can update the configuration as under:

1)      Linux/FreeBSD: Please edit /etc/ntp.conf and replace the ntp servers listed in it with


2)      Windows: Right click on the clock in the right corner of the task bar, then click on properties and then click on internet time and add as server in it, there might be slight variations depending upon the version of Windows you are using.


If you face any issue please submit a ticket at and we will take care of it for you.

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