Sharktech Inc

Chicago & Denver X3470/12GB/2TB Starting at $69/month!

For a limited time and quantity we are offering the following system at a monthly price of $69/month at our Denver and Chicago locations: 

DataCenter: Denver or Chicago 
System Brand: SuperMicro
CPU: Xeon X3470 (Quad Core 2.9GHz Turbo: 3.6GHz)
Memory: 12GB (Upgrade to 24GB for $20/month) 
Disk: 2TB or 120GB SSD (Upgradable to 4 total drives) 
RAID: Builtin RAID0/1/10
Network Link
: Gigabit 
Outgoing BW: 10TB/month (upgradable to Unmetered Gigabit)  
Incoming BW: Unmetered
Remote Management (IPMI): Included
Remote Reboot: Included
Included IP Allocation: 32 IPs (29 Usable IPs) 
Control Panel: Plesk cPanel or DirectAdmin Available
Windows Server Web/Standard/Enterprise: Available 
DDoS Protection: Included
Private VLAN: Included
IRC/Adult Content: Allowed
MRTG Graph: Included
Reverse DNS: Included
Rwhois: Included
Technical Support: 24/7

Monthly Price: $69/month
Chicago Order 
(use promo code: 2Q9TJDHM6J)
Denver Order
 (use promo code: 6EIJO0C1HX)