Sharktech Inc

Sharktech announces globally distributed Remote DDoS Protection

Sharktech, creator of a unique Distributed Denial of Services protection system, today announced that its DDoS protection can now be applied remotely to protect any internet service, anywhere.

Sharktech's remote DDoS protection is already being used by businesses, hosting providers and internet service providers worldwide. Using GRE, BGP and Anycast technology, Sharktech can protect internet resources, anywhere, without the need for migration.

"All DDoS attack traffic that would otherwise directly hit your infrastructure is automatically routed to Sharktech's globally distributed DDoS filtering," Sharktech President Tim Timrawi said. "Sharktech's scrubbing centers clean your traffic, allowing legitimate traffic to proceed to your infrastructure."

Sharktech's enterprise-grade remote DDoS protection is supported by a dedicated team of experienced security engineers. Their responsibilities include proactive response and event management, adept policy tuning, summary attack reports and 24x7 support. The security engineers even develop custom rule-sets and features for dealing with zero-day events.

"DDoS attacks of all forms and sizes can now be stopped automatically and affordably by having Sharktech protect your existing network," Timrawi said.

Sharktech's remote network DDoS protection is available today. For more information, please visit